Plating Expertise

Our in-house plating services offer a wide range of coating finishes that meet the highest expectations of our customers.

In accordance with ISO 10683, these finishes can be provided on bolts property class 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 and for studs property class 8.8 or 10.9, with their associated nuts &  washers.

Our Zinc Flake coating is an anti-corrosive coating system for steel and iron. It is a 2 or 3-coat base coat system which consists of a Zinc Flake base coat and a top coat. This provides integral lubricants to maintain control / torque tension values (to 1.33 CPK levels).

Zinc Flake coating is applied like a paint either by various dipping processes for items coated in bulk (bolts, nuts, pressings etc.) or spraying (larger items) before being heat cured. The corrosion protection of the plated items can be obtained by the specific film thicknesses.

We are at the cutting-edge of the latest coating technologies

  • Specialist surface coatings provider
  • New coating generation/technology
  • High corrosion protection systems
  • Corrosion resistance, excess 1,000 hrs
  • Approved to use coatings:
    • Remcor
    • Delta
    • Magni
    • Zintek

Our custom robotic spray system meets both our production needs as well as the technical requirements of the coating process.

Automation enables us to improve safety, repeatable consistency in spraying and dependability in our coating processes.

Our automated solutions help us eliminate any production bottleneck and improve production throughout.

Plating line
Studs ready for coating
Automated spraying booth
Coated bolts