Our employees. Our foundation. Our future.

Our global workforce of 1,100 employees in Europe, North America and Asia gives us our competitive advantage.

As a company, we attract and retain the best people. We provide them with training, encouragement and work stimulus. Everything we have accomplished as a company is down to our people.

Our employees are essential to provide the goods and services that we offer. Improving employee efficiency and performance therefore becomes a major priority for us. Every one of our departments comprises of employees with different specialisations and responsibilities, be it manufacturing, finance, marketing, IT, etc. Our employees produce final goods, take care of finances, promote the products and services in our different markets, maintain the records for the organization for decision-making, etc.

Our employees are the face of us. It’s their satisfaction level that matters the most.

Our employees are the base for us being a strong and long-running organisation

Our employees run the organisation, whether they are at middle level or senior level. Their strength, their commitment and dedication, and their emotional connection with us cannot be judged or assessed in monetary values, which makes them invaluable as well as intangible assets.

Sheffield, UK
Pueblo, USA
Denver, USA
Haiyan, China

Our employees give 100% to us, that it is the result of continuous hard and smart effort put in by our happy and valued employees that keeps us going in the long-run, competing with the competitors and keeping us ahead of all.

Our employees are the workforce of the organisation. They are far more important than machinery or land that serve as tangible assets.

Our employees are the major contributors to profits and worth of the organisation

Our motivated employees make a significant difference by reaching new targets, meeting customers’ demands and needs, developing innovative and new products, and given efforts to achieve company’s objectives, long-term and short-term.

Customer is always King for us, and our employees are the first customer to us. If we do not have happy and satisfied employees, they will not deliver performance- oriented results.

Taking us to where we want to be