Manufacturing Quality

We are a global leader in the production and supply of high strength safety critical fasteners.

Established over a 150 years ago, we have an enviable worldwide reputation for our fasteners.

Extensive manufacturing facilities, including both hot and cold forging, means we have the capacity to supply a range of products in a wide variety of sizes.

To complement our range of manufactured fasteners, we offer an extensive portfolio of nuts and washers in various sizes and finishes.

Our manufacturing capabilities

Hot forge bolts manufactured from M16 to M100

Induction heat forging
Thread rolling
Heat Treatment
Raw material
Automated forging

Cold forge bolts manufactured from M16 to M36

Raw material
Drawing coil
Cold forged bolts
Thread rolling

Anchor studs manufactured from M18 to M64

Raw material
Automated saws
Packed anchor bolts
Thread rolling

Studs & bolts manufactured from M16 to M80

Blade to Hub studs
CNC machining
Machined square head bolts
Thread rolling