Solid foundations for a better future

Solid foundations for a better future

Cooper & Turner Manufacturing, based at Pueblo, U.S.A. are helping to provide the North and South American wind energy market foundation studs that will help them generate clean energy.

Our products are used in the anchor cage system which is designed to transfer the loads to the foundation more effectively, anchoring the tower to the foundation.

It is made of two ring-shaped steel plates, an anchor plate and a load distribution plate, secured by anchor bolts.

Bolts are tensioned to a standard value, or sometimes to different values depending on the calculation made for every foundation.

We have supplied foundations studs to 80 North and South American wind farms since 2016, our latest 2020 on-going projects being:

Blazing Star 2 – South Dakota

Cimarron Bend 3 – Kansas

Dakota Range 3 – South Dakota

Freeborn – Iowa & Minnesota

Maryneal – Texas

Wildcat Creek – Texas