Congratulations to Gong Ping

Congratulations to Gong Ping

Cooper Turner Beck has appointed, Gong Ping, to Operations Manager, Cooper Turner Beck, China reporting to Barry Piper, GM Asia.

Effective from the 13th July, Gong Ping will take on this new role with Barry supporting the transition process during the coming months.

Like most of our senior managers and leaders, Gong Ping, has been promoted from within. She has worked in or worked closely with most areas of our CTB China and wider CTB family for the last 12 years. More recently she has led our Quality function since 2018, led our Hex Bolt and ‘Big’ Studs Production since 2019, and has been part of our leadership team since 2020. She joined us as a purchasing assistant in 2010.

Having worked for CTB in a variety of senior technical and management roles, Gong Ping has a deep understanding and experience of our business, the industry, and the markets in which we operate. She is a strong, dynamic, and values-driven manager with an impressive track record of executing and delivering consistent high-quality performance. We warmly welcome Gong Ping to the role and wish her every success.

Barry said that he looks forward to working with Gong Ping on the transition, after having worked closely together for many years “I am highly confident that under Gong Ping’s management, our CTB China operations will prosper long into the future. Her appointment demonstrates the strength of CTB’s succession planning and talent pipeline,” he added.

“It will be a huge privilege to manage our CTB China operations – a company full of talented people, and brilliant brand with inspiring START values” said Gong Ping “over the 12 years I have worked at CTB China, I have seen the many ways in which our safety critical fasteners have helped industries to flourish where strength and quality is of utmost importance, positively impacting millions of people’s lives every day.”

CTB is growing strong positions in many important Asian markets for the future including a new 20,000m2 manufacturing facility soon to open in China, next week breaking ground on a new 7,600m2 manufacturing facility in India and expanding distribution and production operations in Singapore. Gong Ping stated that “my appointment allows Barry more time to focus on enabling these successful environments to better serve our consumers, our multiple stakeholders, and to deliver long-term growth and value creation.”

库柏特纳贝克已任命龚萍为库柏特纳贝克的运营经理,负责向亚洲公司总经理Barry Piper汇报。



在过去的12年里,她一直在CTB中国和更广泛的CTB大家庭的大多数领域工作或密切合作。 最近,她自2018年以来一直领导我们的质量职能,自2019年以来领导我们的六角螺栓和“大”螺柱生产,并自2020年以来一直是我们领导团队的一员。 她于2010年加入我们,担任采购助理。

龚萍曾在CTB担任过各种高级技术和管理职务,对我们的业务,行业和我们经营所在的市场有着深刻的理解和经验。 她是一位强大,充满活力和价值观驱动的经理,在执行和提供始终如一的高质量绩效方面有着令人印象深刻的记录。 我们热烈欢迎龚萍任此职,并祝愿她一切顺利。

Barry表示,在密切合作多年之后,他期待与龚萍在过渡方面合作, “我非常有信心,在龚萍的管理下,我们的CTB中国业务将在未来很长一段时间内蓬勃发展。 她的任命证明了CTB继任计划和人才管道的实力,“他补充说。

“管理我们的CTB中国运营将是一个巨大的荣幸 – 一家充满才华横溢的人的公司,以及具有鼓舞人心的START价值观的辉煌品牌,” 龚萍说, “在CTB中国工作的12年中,我看到了我们的安全关键紧固件在许多方面帮助行业蓬勃发展,其中实力和质量至关重要, 每天对数百万人的生活产生积极影响。”

CTB在未来的许多重要亚洲市场中占据越来越强的地位,包括即将在中国开设的20,000平方米的新制造工厂,下周在印度破土动工的7,600平方米的新制造工厂,以及在新加坡扩大分销和生产业务。龚萍表示: “我的任命使Barry有更多时间专注于使这些成功的环境更好地为我们的客户,我们的多个利益相关者服务,提供长期发展和价值创造。