Attaining ISO 19443 certification for the Nuclear Industry

Attaining ISO 19443 certification for the Nuclear Industry

We are pleased to announce that Beck Crespel is now certified to ISO 19443.

ISO 19443:2018 is a quality management standard that applies the principles of the international standard for quality, ISO 9001, to the nuclear sector. It can be used by organisations within the entire nuclear supply chain for any equipment, product, or service important to nuclear safety (ITNS).

The nuclear sector has tight safety regulations throughout its supply chain. Gaining certification has demonstrated that our quality management system (QMS) combines best practice in quality with the specific requirements of the nuclear industry. It also shows that the quality and reliability of our processes as well as our focus in areas for development and continuous improvement.

Having ISO 19443 certification will help our safety & quality culture as we develop a high level of nuclear safety as well as quality culture within Beck Crespel, contributing to operational excellence through continuous improvement.  It will also lead to more satisfied customers as it will ensure that the required level of quality in the delivery of our products and services will meet our customer expectations and complies with applicable regulations.  We will also benefit from a harmonised process by following the best practice principles found in ISO 9001, ISO 19443 certification will help us to harmonise our supply assessments and standardise the requirements throughout the nuclear supply chain providing improved quality, time, and costs.

We would like to congratulate the Beck Crespel team for the immense work that they have demonstrated in achieving ISO19443 certification.