Machining Capabilities

We use our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to automate tools that manufacture our studs through the use of pre-programmed machine control sequences.

The advantages of our CNC machines in comparison to conventional machining methods are numerous. CNC machines have higher levels of automation and reduce possible errors while increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness across the board.

Our extensive CNC machining capability enables us to offer precision-engineered products from large and small scale batches to low-volume components across a wide range of industries and applications.

We have particular proven experience in manufacturing pre-loaded, corrosion-resistant wind energy fasteners for critical structural joints within large turbine gearboxes, nacelle frame components and blade to hub studs.


Accredited to the highest standards, we are accustomed to working to rigorous specifications. Our customers demand exceptionally precise engineering for high value and safety critical applications in the wind energy sector.

We offer a range of studs & bolts suitable for nacelle studding and blade-to-hub connections for wind turbines.

Stud bolts used in nacelle assembly in a wind turbine are very critical. We have all the desired machines to manufacture these double-ended stud bolts in-house. These stud bolts are machined from hardened and tempered steel and are thread rolled after heat treatment.

Finishes available are Zinc Flake, Galvanized, Sherardized or Xylan.

Blade to Hub Studs

We offer a range of studs suitable for ‘blade-to-hub’ connections. This range includes scant shank (thread roll effective diameter) and waisted studs. Diameters range from M20 to M100 and in property classes 8.8 and 10.9, or in accordance with customer requirements.

Nacelle Bolts & Studs

We offer a range of ISO 4014 bolts in diameters M16 to M64 plus a range of ISO 4017 set screws in property classes 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 or in accordance with special requirements.

Blade to Hub studs
One of our CNC machines
Machined bolts
Thread rolling
Machined bolts