Kitting & Sub-assembly


Kitting is an added-value service that we offer because of our buying power and the close understanding of our customers’ needs

Kits are assembled, labelled and bar-coded at our distribution centres and delivered to our customers’ production facilities.

We provide this service to a number of our customers across a variety of industries.


  • Reduce your bill of materials, only purchase one complete pack of components
  • Save time and cost by receiving all parts packed and labelled how you need them
  • Have all the information you require on the labels and packaging
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility with your procurement process
  • Reduce the number of vendor transactions
Cooper and Turner
Cooper and Turner


Sub-assembly is another added-value service utilised by our customers to reduce in-house production, management and overheads.

Components are partially assembled at our service centres to reduce the time and resource required to do this on a ‘live’ production line.

Our customers use this service as an extension of their own production facility to streamline manufacturing processes and to allow them to focus on their core activities.


  • Reduce your bill of materials – you only purchase one complete part
  • Remove any secondary processes – receive parts built to your specification
  • Save time on assembly and labour – simply pick and fit the complete article

Helping to streamline your business