Heat Treatment

Our wide range of safety critical fasteners are subjected to the application of heat in order to achieve the desired alteration in rigidity, smoothness, malleability and material strength. We conduct hardening and tempering to ensure our fasteners meet the required strength and hardness class. We do this to prevent unacceptable safety risks in the application of the fasteners.

Our Sealed Quench atmosphere controlled furnaces are batch furnaces in which the heating and quenching chambers are combined in a single unit, ensuring that our fasteners are always under a controlled environment and never exposed to air whilst at temperature.

The two chambers are separated by a refractory lined middle door, which can be opened to allow the bolts, after heating, to be transferred from the heating chamber to the quench chamber where they will be immersed slowly in excel oil.

Sealed Quench Furnace - side view

Sealed Quench Furnace - side view

Ensuring top quality for our customers is our highest priority. With many components being used in safety critical applications, our quality standards must always be exact.

Our extensive experience with various material grades and their relative properties allows us to identify and utilize the most appropriate heat treatments to produce the required metallurgical attributes.

Typical Applications

  • Annealing
  • Hardening
  • Normalizing
  • Stress Relieving
  • Tempering

Our aim is to provide our partners with a competitive edge through our capacity and flexibility. One way we do this is to work with our partners to tighten heat tolerances on their fasteners, which means we get the best results every time.

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